A story, shape or concept.

The artistic approach, developed in contemporary style, the author’s jewellery, explores preferably, a minimalist technique with the concern of the functionality of the piece, and at the same time, a deep connection with nature.


Atelier Incubadora de Joalheiros
Avenida Rodrigues de Freitas, 41
4300-456 Porto, Portugal


Mobile: (00351) 919 784 624



Starting from ideas where Andrêa Martins highlights the manual process, strongly influenced by the extent of her experience, character and creativity and she is inspired by surrounding elements in her collections; a story, shape or concept. She develops geometric lines and organic elements. She proposes simple shapes, which the user can often recreate and customize.


In one of her favourite traditional works, the filigree, she re-interprets in a unique way. The outline is unpredictable and there is a wide variety of shapes. Jewellery based on an innovative design with strong expression. The uniqueness and delicacy of her jewels with elegant details and quality, originate a special style. What is more surprising, coming from her imagination, becomes real, palpable and sensational.
When coming to life, each jewel has its incomparable narrative.

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Andrêa Martins was born in Switzerland where she lived her first years of schooling. At age 13, she came to live in Portugal. Already interested in the arts, in 2005 she started her course in goldsmithing at Soares dos Reis Secondary School in Porto.


In 2008, she entered ESAD, School of Arts and Design, in Matosinhos, Porto, graduating in Jewelery in 2011. Later that same year, she was selected to Exhibit at the Marzee Contemporary Jewelery Gallery, Holland. She goes through the Author-Gallery Contact of the Jewelery School, in Porto, where she attended several Workshops, complementing jewelery techniques to her curriculum. To fulfill a long-awaited dream at the end of 2013, she comes back to ESAD to attend Fashion Design enriching it by the knowledge that goes along with the jewelery. In 2015, for a better technical manufacturing practice, she attends CINDOR- Professional Training Center for the Jewelery and Watchmaking Industry in Gondomar, Porto, preparing to start her career.


By participating in the International Fair, Lisbon Design Show, October 2016, she presents the brand Andrêa Martins to the great public.



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