From Porto with love.


Savoir-faire, the expression that represents the to do well, the well done, the to do with dedication and passion.


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Her artistic approach, developed in contemporary style, the author’s jewellery, explores preferably, a minimalist technique with the concern of the functionality of the piece, and at the same time, a deep connection with nature.


Starting from ideas where she highlights the manual process, strongly influenced by the extent of her experience, character and creativity and she is inspired by surrounding elements in her collections; a story, shape or concept. She develops geometric lines and organic elements. She proposes simple shapes, which the user can often recreate and customize.


In one of her favourite traditional works, the filigree, she re-interprets in a unique way. The outline is unpredictable and there is a wide variety of shapes.


Jewellery based on an innovative design with strong expression.



Her preferred metal is silver but she associates unexpected materials.


The uniqueness and delicacy of her jewels with elegant details and quality, originate a special style.


She intends to expand her brand, by disseminating Portuguese trends, creating initiatives with that purpose.

What is more surprising, coming from her imagination, becomes real, palpable and sensational. When coming to life, each jewel has its incomparable narrative.

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